Silly Dog


    Wow what a price and free shipping included! This is a 50/50 cotton poly blend T-shirt decorated with super soft vinyl and glitter.

    Such a great price, you may naturally have questions such as:

    1) Will the vinyl or glitter fall off after 50 washes? NO, the decoration sticks to the shirt like your dog sticks to you.

    2) Will the T-shirt feel like a burlap bag? NO, it will feel almost as soft as your dogs fur.

    3) I like the price, but that shirt is ugly, will you have different designs? Yes, however please remember some people think you have an ugly dog, so please don’t judge people who buy this shirt!

    4) Does the pictured dog come with the shirt. NO, that’s my dog Pumpkin the inspiration for the shirt!

    We have limited quantities of this particular design, so order today, or not, it’s all up to you and your silly dog.

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